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You just received a job offer from your favorite early-stage startup. Congrats! Now comes the tricky part — figuring out what your compensation package really means. Accepting a new job offer is an incredibly personal decision, and compensation is only one factor. Since startup compensation can be particularly confusing, we wanted to share a tool...
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Every minute that a customer waits works against you. Customers expect a helpful response from your team as quickly as possible. Under this pressure, even the best support teams can be tempted to compromise high-touch, detailed support for a quick and easy answer. Resorting to robotic, impersonal auto-responses can help stem the tide of support...
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As your team grows, there are some inevitable trade-offs. People are distributed across multiple offices or time zones. There are specialized or segmented roles, so finding the right resource for a customer is difficult. And you definitely can’t have everyone sharing gifs in the same #random Slack channel. Luckily, workplace transparency — one of the...
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