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This piece was initially posted on Twilio’s blog. There’s no good way to sugar coat it. California has the second lowest food stamp participation rate in the U.S. It’s a big problem, and a complex problem to solve. But if there’s anyone well equipped to help the government work better for its citizens it’s Code For...
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Lesson #13 of CommunicateBetter is provided by Aircall‘s CEO: Olivier Pailhes.   Why the hell would you ever consider using the phone to communicate with your customers? It’s time-consuming. Who has never been stuck in a phone call and trying to put an end to it? It’s a constraint. Because it’s “real-time”, you need people ready to answer calls....
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Lesson #11 of CommunicateBetter is provided by Zapier‘s CEO: Wade Foster.   Communication is hard for all organizations. In fact most organizations live or die based on how quickly they can communicate and then execute on the communication that happens. For remote organizations it’s doubly hard.   So how do you make communication work in a remote...
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