Why The Ability To Manage a Large Database of Leads is Critical to Sales Success

By on September 30th, 2015

One common thread connecting sales teams of all sizes is the importance of maintaining a high volume of activity. Products, even great ones, don’t just sell themselves. The sales team has responsibility to help the company meet its revenue and business goals. This is just as true for a small company seeking traction as it is an established operation that’s looking for new ways to grow the top line.

Very often, the best way to achieve these goals is through sustained periods of high activity. Grinding out call after call, demo after demo, and meeting after meeting usually leads to more closed deals. Maintaining this level of performance is impossible without a large and well-managed leads database.

Why is it so important to manage a big database of leads? Because it’s one of the few inputs sales managers can control that has a direct effect on a sale team’s results. Bigger and better-managed leads lists generate more demos, more closed deals, more revenue for the company and higher compensation for the team.


Leads Are Not Enough

Of course, even the biggest and best-managed list in the world isn’t enough alone to move the needle. Campaigns must be targeted, personalized and executed across a variety of channels including email, phone calls and social media.

Too many sales professionals will pick one of these channels and stick with it. They’ll send nothing but email, or just hound people on Twitter and LinkedIn. This approach is effective up to a point, but getting the most out of a leads list means setting up complex, multi channel campaigns and staying on top of them throughout the sales and customer success process.

Managing this complexity is another skill modern sales teams must master. Luckily, tools are available that make these tasks easier than they ever have been.

New software tools can help sales, marketing and customer success teams manage huge amounts of communications by automating the most time consuming and mundane tasks, leaving time to research prospects and accounts, craft the best and most-personalized messages, rehearse demos and ultimately provide the most value to customers.

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