7 Ways of Leveraging Enterprise Email with our Rule Engine

By on September 03rd, 2015

We’re happy to announce that we’ve built a new rules engine for Front. Possibilities are basically endless, but here are some examples of things you can now do with rules in Front:


1. Let’s say you have this very important customer (SpaceX), and you want to be notified every time someone in your team archives a conversation with SpaceX. You’d set up the rule:  If a conversation with SpaceX is archived send me a notification in Slack/HipChat

  • Triggered on: conversation archived
  • Conditions: recipient contains “spaceX.com”
  • Action: send to slack @mathilde


2. A small number of your long-time customers are VIPs who require speedy service, but the supervisor doesn’t usually have time to respond to them herself, so she sets up a rule: If anyone applies the tag “Urgent” to a conversation, move it to inbox “Priority” and send a notification to Slack/HipChat

  • Triggered on: conversation tagged
  • Condition: added tag is “Urgent”
  • Actions: move to inbox – Priority and send to Slack/HipChat channel

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3. Sometimes people who seem like they might be good sales leads Tweet at or about your company, so the social media person sees them first. He sets up the following rule to get those messages off his plate with a quick comment: If a new comment contains the word “sales” then randomly assign the message to one of the sales reps

  • Triggered on: comment
  • Conditions: Comment body contains “sales”
  • Action: Assign randomly to: Sales Rep 1, Sales Rep 2, Sales Rep 3


4. Resourceful job seekers have started flooding every inbox you have with job applications. To clean things up, set up the rule: If an email arrives in the Team or Support inbox and the body contains the word “interview,” move to the Jobs inbox

  • Triggered on: inbound message
  • Conditions:
    • Inbox included in: Team, Support
    • Body contains “interview”
  • Action: Move to inbox – Jobs


5. You’re about to release the beta of your iOS app, and you know it’s a little rough around the edges. Prepare for the influx of feedback by creating this rule: If a new email arrives and its body contains both the words “bugs” + “iOS,” create a new Github/JIRA issue

  • Create a Zap in Zapier to create a new Github/JIRA issue from Front
  • Triggered on: inbound messages
  • Conditions: body contains “bugs” or body contains “iOS”
  • Action: Send to Zapier (include webhook from Zapier first step here)


6. Your creative customers are full of ideas for your product, and you’d like to respond quicker so they know you’re listening. Set up the rule: If a conversation is tagged with “feature request,” auto reply “Your feature has been added to our public Trello board, please check it out here” and assign to the person who maintains the Trello board.

  • Triggered on: inbound messages
  • Condition: Tagged with “feature request”
  • Actions:
    • Reply with Feature Request canned response
    • Assign to product manager intern


7. You provide some customer service over the weekend, but it’s a skeleton team. Reassure your customers with this rule: If a text message is received on Saturday or Sunday during business hours auto reply “Thanks for your message, we have limited staffing on the weekends but will respond as soon as possible” and assign to a member of the weekend customer service team.

  • Triggered on inbound messages
  • Conditions:
    • Inbox is help@company.com
    • Time is between 9am and 5pm
    • Day is Saturday/Sunday
  • Actions:
    • Reply with – once – Weekend staffing canned response
    • Assign randomly to Weekend Staff Person 1, Weekend Staff Person 2


We hope you enjoy the new rules! If you have any questions or problems, you can always reach us at team@frontapp.com.

Of course, we’re never done improving Front. Next up, we’ll be rolling out the ability to delay notifications (for instance, to be notified if a message has not been assigned for a certain number of hours after receipt).


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