Front New Features: Contact Groups, Send Pics Via SMS, Set Front as Default Client

By on July 09th, 2015

More news from Front! We have some additional features that will be available to you as soon as you update your app.

1. Contact Groups

You are now able to gather contacts into groups for easy viewing and emailing or sending SMS in a click. To view and edit groups, click “Inboxes” in the upper left corner of Front –> Contacts.

Groups appear in a list in the left column. You can select everyone in a group using the top checkbox to message the whole group, create new groups, and delete groups from here.

Contact groups are also available via autocomplete in the composer, so just begin typing a group’s name to send a message to that group and it should be offered as a suggestion, along with the number of recipients in parentheses.

2. Send Pictures in SMS Messages

Previously, Front only supported receiving pictures via SMS. Now, we support sending pictures via SMS too. Just click “Add files” in the lower left of the composer, or drag and drop.

3. Set Front As Your Default Client

Always want to use Front for all your messages? Understandable! Now you can set Front as your default client so it’s even easier. Just click the last item in the list of choices on your “My Profile” page in Front’s Settings.

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