Front New Features: Analytics per customer, Individual inboxes, & Conversation groups

By on June 29th, 2015

We’ve been hard at work building some more great Front features for you.

1. Individual inboxes

With Front’s new individual inboxes feature, you can import your individual email accounts into Front and make some email messages (or all) messages viewable for members of your team. See all your email in one place, and enjoy Front’s other features (like comments) on all your messages.

To add your individual inbox, just go to Settings > Inboxes > Add a new inbox > Individual inbox.

2. Analytics per customer

The analytics tab has been redesigned and we’ve added analytics per contact (we’re calling them customers, but yours might actually be candidates, employees, or someone else, depending on how you’re using Front). This will allow you to quickly determine who is accounting for most of your activity.

3. Conversation groups

It often makes sense to group conversations together – maybe you discussed the same topic with different recipients, or multiple contacts reported the same bug.

You’re now able to stay organized by grouping multiple conversations/threads together within Front. Just select the messages you want to group and choose “Add group” in the third pane. You can select from existing groups in the dropdown menu or create a new one.

If you want to check whether a specific message belongs to any groups, use the arrow by its subject line to pop out the info pane, to the right of the message.

In the future, we’ll build out more functionality for grouped messages, like linking the entire group to the external records in other services you already use (e.g. Trello or Github).


The first beta version of our native iOS app is ready! Who would like early access? Just email us at and we’ll add you to the list – yes, you’ll be able to swipe on messages! 🙂

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