Keyboard shortcuts have arrived!

By on June 25th, 2014

Because we love email so much, we couldn’t just neglect keyboard shortcuts in Front. So we got working on a list with all the most useful shortcuts we could think of. Here it is!

  • r: reply
  • a: reply all
  • shift + r: reply and open composer
  • c: compose
  • e: archive
  • cmd/ctrl + enter: send and archive
  • shift + cmd/ctrl + enter: send
  • k: move to newer conversation
  • j: move to older conversation
  • l: tag
  • #: delete
  • s: snooze
  • m: comment
  • w: assign
  • q: assign to me
  • f: follow/unfollow
  • cmd/ctrl + o: pop out

We hope it helps! If we forgot your favorite keyboard shortcut, just send us an email and we’ll fix that up for you.

Now get typing!

For all time easy access, head over here :

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3 responses to “Keyboard shortcuts have arrived!”

  1. Vinicius Assis says:

    I think delete should be the actual ‘delete’ key, at least when a message is selected.

    • Hi Vinicius, thanks for your input! For now, we’ve chosen to copy the Gmail keyboard shortcuts to make it less confusing for people who are already using them. That’s why delete is # (but it would be a good question to ask to Google!).

  2. Zev Averbach says:

    Unpublished staple of a keyboard shortcut: “/” for focus on search box.

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