Unveiling Front’s vision

By on April 16th, 2014

Email was the first block of Front’s foundation…

[spoiler] Since the inception of Front, we knew that we wouldn’t limit our app to emails. [/spoiler] The idea of Front came from a problem we’ve all faced: as more and more channels are available to reach a company (email, phone, social networks, blog comments…), those companies are easily overwhelmed by messages from customers, leads or partners. Yet, there is no simple tool to handle this flow of messages as a team, in one centralized place.

Front was born.

We narrowed down our vision to email first for two main reasons:

1- We couldn’t fight on all fronts (pun intended). This awesome Spotify slide sums it up pretty well:

Providing compelling value to our users, from day one, was very important for us, and we could only achieve it by focusing on one single channel.

2 – 99% of businesses have at least one group address (support@, hello@, jobs@, contact@, press@…): it seemed like a legitimate approach, as most of the time they struggle to handle them efficiently.

Twitter as a close second


As of today, you can collaborate on your company Twitter account within Front.

Email is not the only channel that lacks collaborative features. Email, Twitter, Facebook, your business phone, your blog, were all designed for an “individual” use: one account = one person behind.

But as in a company colleagues need to collaborate together on the same account, we designed Front as the collaborative layer on top of all your business communication channels.

Front is the inbox of your company: every time a message is sent to your company (as an entity, and not directly to someone), Front dispatches it to the right people in your team, giving them real-time collaboration features. Front won’t handle individual e-mails, tweets, or LinkedIn messages: some excellent tools already do that.

What’s next?

In the next months, we will focus on 3 main things:

1. Adding more communication channels in Front

2. Implementing new productivity features

3. Building bridges with existing CRM, bug tracking tools, project management tools… that businesses use and will keep on using. We don’t pretend to replace them because they are simply better.

We believe there is value in being the first point of contact of your company, your online receptionist. Dealing with so many incoming messages, from so many different channels, could be a pleasure again, for you AND your customers.

So try the new Front and send us your feedback 🙂

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  1. SportsVault says:

    Great stuff guys. Excited to give the Twitter integration a try!

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