Our Journey To 1,000 Users. Inch By Inch.

By on November 26th, 2013


This article is the official kickoff of a 3 months long cycle covering the quest to get our first 1000 users.

We think that, going a step further than emailing your first 1000 users, the job of the founding team is to onboard manually the first 1000 users. Especially for a SaaS business.

When we say to onboard manually we mean from finding these 1000 users to making them register and actually really try our product (and keep using it ideally). Real users. Those who’ll potentially buy your product. Our mums, dads and ex college roommates not included.

And we want to share this journey with you.


Front is a collaborative inbox for businesses. We are crafting a new breed of email client that helps teams collaborate better on their support@, hello@, contact@, jobs@, press@ addresses.


We’ve spent a couple of months building our MVP,  collecting feedbacks from people in our network and  we are now entering the private beta stage. During the course of the next few months our aim is to talk to real users, to collect their feedbacks and to iterate on our product until we reach a good enough retention rate.


We’ve decomposed our journey in a 4 steps cycle:

For each step of this cycle we’ll share articles describing in details how we’ve succeeded or failed in getting our first 1000 users.

  1. How to fill your leads bucket (a.k.a how to find good prospects)
  2. How to convert these prospects into beta users
  3. How to collect feedbacks from your beta users
  4. How to iterate on your product based on these feedbacks


  • Because we believe in the importance of doing things that don’t scale. Especially during the MVP stage.
  • Because we’ve already started, followed paths that lead us to dead-ends, solved them and now we want to share this experience with the community.
  • Because we are still stuck with some bottlenecks and the community can help us
  • Because a lots of blogs and articles cover how to get more revenue or more users but few cover this hard time when your product is still a ghost town.
  • Because it obliges us to perform!

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If you want to try Front just register on our homepage or contact us directly: beta [at] frontapp.com we will be please to answer you!

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